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I was born on the 28th May 1978 in Jianghan oil Field, Hubei. I'm living in Beijing.
My speciality is Electronic Technology, Having taught oneself without formal instruction or the help of others. all courses finished at Wu han University. major special course: Circuit basic, High Frequency circuit, TV elements, 8086 assemble language, BASIC language, C program design, Digital Circuit

Nevertheless, I have choice at work on software development, I'm familarity with some program language such as C/C++/Javascript/HTML/XML. I have been done well Web development, desgin which base on enterprise intranet since May 2001. otherwise I hard study C++ and using vc++ IDE to develop GIS relative products. leisure time writing about web technology, design etc. articles.

I like to play computer games, badminton, ping-pong, jogging, of course, also music is indispensable.
I'm good at tinking and find out fresh things, also I have strong desire about learning new knowleage.

Thank you visit my blog!

Contact me:
E-MAIL: chenxinyi1978@yahoo.com.cn

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