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Richard Gabriel, LISP语言的创造者,是UNIX时代的人物。 他写的 Patterns of Software 听上去好象讲的是Patterns, 却有一大部份是讲他自己如何从一个穷乡僻壤一步一步艰难的走进斯坦福的历程。下面我特地译出一段,各位看看是否有启发:

我这一生见识过不少生来富贵的人。你也知道他们的模样:在好的社区长大,上顶尖的公立或私立学校,进一流的大学(如哈佛,加州理工) ,毕业后就去了最棒的研 究生院。他们是注定会功成名就的,这在他们眼里也是轻而易举的事。这就是那些最终来教导你我在计算机行当里如何行事的人(很多,当然不是全部) 。






Throughout my life I have known people who were bom with silver spoons in
their mouths. You know the ones: grew up in a strong community, went to good
public or private schools, were able to attend a top undergraduate school like
Harvard or Caltech, and then were admitted to the best graduate schools. Their
success was assured, and it seemed to come easy for them. These are the people—
in many, but certainly not all cases—who end up telling the rest of us how to go
about our business in computing. They figure out the theories of computation
and the semantics of our languages; they define the software methodologies we
must use. It's good to have their perspective, but it's only a perspective, one not
necessarily gained by working in the trenches or watching the struggles of people
grappling with strange concepts.

Worse, watching their careers can discourage the rest of us, because things
don't come easy for us, and we lose as often or more often than we win. And dis-
couragement is the beginning of failure.

Sometimes people who have not had to struggle are smug and infuriating. This
is my attempt to fight back. Theirs is a proud story of privilege and success. Mine
is a story of disappointment and failure; I ought to be ashamed of it, and I should
try to hide it. But I learned from it, and maybe you can, too.

Along my odd path I learned a valuable lesson: Good friends and hard work-
in that order—pay off And you don't need to be bom a winner to become one at
least in small ways.

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