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Archiva is a new concept File Browser/Manager. Different from traditional tree-structure, archiva could browse/manager
files according to their Attributes. This concept is very helpful when you want to manager your references and related bibilosgraphics. For example:
Normally, a paper has the attribute of "Src" i.e. which conference or journal it belongs. In additional, a paper has the
attribute of "topic" i.e. which area it is related. When we use tradtinal file system, it is hard to organize these papers.
We could organize them accroding to only one attribute or have to copy them into two folders.
Another case is that a paper always has some "keyword", say: aaa,bbb and ccc. It is also hard to browse or organize papers when there are more than one keywords.
But if you use Archiva, all these problems could be solved! In Archiva, you could create any attributes for each file. For example "title","author" etc. When you browse, you just click the item in the left(like a tree) or use "tool->basic search".
Whenever you click the item in the tree, it means you want to filter the current view by that key/value pair. Thus ,you could browse your file in  both attr1->att2->attr3 way or attr3->att2->attr1. There is no limit as in the tree-structure file system.

 Archiva also offer the function which generates files according to the database. The purpose of this function is make referece writing easier. For exameple, if you have such a table:

filename title  author src year
a  computer Tom sigmod 2002
b         physics  John science 2001

You could write such a template file:
%author%,"%title%," %src%,%year%

Arciva will generate:
Tom,"computer," sigmod,2002
John,"physics," John,  2001

We also consider the tex users, they could choose "bbl" format in the generator dialog, archiva will generate corresponding biblio.

Tips: (Very important)
1. You could drag files into Archiva.
2. I recommand you create a "title" attribute for each paper rather than the orignal filename. In this way, you could give the same attribute to the file relates to this paper, for example: comments, software
3. you could right click listheader(in the right) to show other attributes.
4. You could type a value as aaa;bbb;ccc. Archiva will seperate it according to ";". In the TreeView(in the left), you will see
   Thus you can browse the files according to these sub-values. It is particularly convience when a paper have many keywords.



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