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AAT             application assembly tool
API               application programming interface
BMP            bean-managed persistence
BMT            bean-managed transactions
CICS           Customer Information Control System
CMP            container-managed persistence
CMR            container-managed relationships
CMT            container-managed transactions
DBMS        database management system
DOM           document object model
EAR            enterprise application archive
EIS              enterprise information system
EJB            Enterprise JavaBeans
EJB QL      EJB query language
EJS            Enterprise Java Server
GUI             graphical user interface
HTML        Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP        Hypertext Transfer Protocol
IBM            International Business Machines Corporation
IDE             integrated development environment
IDL              interface definition language
IIOP            Internet Inter-ORB Protocol
ITSO           International Technical Support Organization
J2CA          J2EE connector architecture
J2C             J2EE connector architecture Abbreviations and acronyms
J2EE          Java 2 Enterprise Edition
JAAS          Java Authentication and Authorization Services
JAF             Java Activation Framework
JAR            Java archive
JDBC        Java Database Connectivity
JDK            Java Developer’s Kit
JMS            Java Messaging Service
JNDI           Java Naming and Directory Interface
JSP            JavaServer Pages
JTA             JavaTransaction API
JTS             Java Transaction Service
JVM            Java Virtual Machine
LDAP        lightweight directory access protocol
LTPA          lightweight third-party authentication
MDB           message-driven bean
MVC           model-view-controller
OMG           Object Management Group
ORB           object request broker
OTS            Object Transaction Service
RAD           rapid application development
RAR           resource adapter archive
RDBMS     relational database management system
RMI             Remote Method Invocation
SAM           Security Access Manager
SAX            simple API for XML
SCCI          source code control interface
SCM           software configuration management




SCMS         source code management systems
SDK           Software Development Kit
SOAP        Simple Object Access Protocol (also known as Service




Oriented Architecture Protocol)




SQL            structured query language
TCP/IP       Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
UDDI          universal description, discovery, and integration
UOW          unit of work
URL            uniform resource locator
UTC            universal test client
WAR           Web application archive
WSDL        Web Service Description Language
WWW        World Wide Web
XHTML      Extensible HyperText Markup Language
XMI             XML metadata interchange
XML            eXtensible Markup Language
XSD            XML schema definition




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