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Visual Mining Announces Third Release of Its Eclipse-Based BI Reporting Tool

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Visual Mining Announces Third Release of Its Eclipse-Based BI Reporting Tool

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October 1, 2004

Visual Mining, Inc., a leading developer of reporting and data visualization solutions, announced the release of NetCharts Designer 4.5.3, its Eclipse-based business intelligence reporting tool.

NetCharts Designer is an Eclipse-based desktop design tool that allows programmers and non-programmers to create Web-based dynamic dashboards and interactive graphical reports. Wizards guide the user through the process of interacting with data sources and designing charts and tables. A graphical layout editor allows users to drag and drop charts and tables to create complete reports. A code generation module then converts the XML-based report definition into JSP, ASP, .NET, CFML, or even PDF that can then be deployed in virtually any contemporary application server.

Visual Mining welcomes proposed open source business intelligence solutions such as the business intelligence and reporting tool (BIRT) initiative recently announced at Eclipse.org. "We are encouraged by the increased interest in driving down the costs and complexity of building Java-based reporting solutions. The feature set proposed by BIRT is remarkably similar to our existing NetCharts Designer architecture. We will be able to easily integrate BIRT-like technology, and continue providing high-end graphics and standardized reporting to the business community," said Kevin Scott, Visual Mining's vice president of engineering.

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