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Take me to your heart..

发表于2004/10/24 9:40:00  1352人阅读

music:jacky zhang
words: jascha richter

hiding from the rain and snow (躲藏在雨雪之中)
trying to forget but i won't let go(试图忘记,但我怎能忘记??)
looking at a crowded street (看着熙熙攘攘的街道)
listening to my own heart beat(听见的只有自己的心跳)
so many people all around the world (世间如此多的人)
tell me where do i find someone like you girl (请告诉我在哪里可以找到像你一样的女孩)
take me to your heart (带我进入你的心灵)
take me to your soul(带进入你的灵魂)
give me your hand before i'm old ( 在我老之前,伸出你的手)
show me what love is   haven't got a clue (告诉我什么才是爱情)
show me that wonders can be true(告诉我奇迹终会发生)
they say nothing lasts forever(人们说世间没有永久)
we're only here today()
love is now or never
bring me far away
take me to your heart
take me to your soul
give me your hand and hold me
show me what love is  be my guiding star
it's easy take me to your heart
standing on a mountain high
looking at the moon through a clear blue sky
i should go and see some friends
but they don't really comprehend
don't need too much talking
without saying anything
all i need is someone who makes me wanna sing


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